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Could Geothermal Minerotrophic Cycling Explain an Ancient Climate ?

This is the way Axel Heiberg Island looks today. But thousands of years ago it was a very different story. It was once comprised of a lush vegetative ecosystem clothed with some of the greatest biodiversity known and recorded for us in the fossil record. So what happened ? Take a close look at some recent News Reports. 
Here's an article dated January 10, 2012 - National Post - Canada
Another article on January 11, 2012 - Nunatsiaq News Online - Canada
Volcanic mercury aided climate change in causing prehistoric extinction: Canadian scientist - 'Scientists probe ancient chemical deposits on shores of High Arctic lake' 
So there was a cataclysmic volcanism event which destroyed life on a completely vegetated Earth from pole to pole. Okay, so more eveidence comes to light that volcanism ('springs from the watery deep') ended all life as it was once known. But the question still begs, how exactly did the Earth keep it's temperature at such a mild perfect state for life to thrive ? This is the very question being asked by other researchers from other fields of study in an article on 
March 5, 2012 - Yahoo News
You may Google for yourself and find other journals carrying this same article. Apparently they feel that at one time our Solar System's Sun wasn't as strong and as powerful as it is today. So the article's question asks, how did the Earth not freeze over if the sun's energy and power were only at 70% of what it is today ?  First off they rule out some type of high concentration of global warming gases encircling the atmosphere. They say they know that liquid water and life were present 3.8 Billion years ago and that all of this happened somewhere between freezing point and boiling point. How they know that I don't know, but they say that's the way it was.  For greenhouse gases to explain the faint young sun paradox, their concentrations would need to have been extremely high, hundreds to thousands of times as much as today.
"If levels of carbon dioxide were that high, they would be recorded in ancient soils and sediments in the rock record," Pope said. "If levels of methane were that high, they would actually form a kind of organic haze in the atmosphere that blocks the sun's rays and would counteract its properties as a greenhouse gas."
'Now scientists analyzing relatively pristine 3.8-billion-year-old rocks from Isua find no evidence that greenhouse gas levels were high enough to explain the faint young sun paradox, further deepening the mystery, Pope told LiveScience.'
Quote: - 
"The rocks suggest that the oceans were up to 26 percent larger in the past."
No kidding. So there was much more volume of water on the Earth's surface and in the atmosphere. But of  course. Water has more heat holding capacity.

But the article really offers no other alternative other than it must have something to do with early oceans and water in the upper atmosphere. Okay, that does sorta work for me. Yet on many of the online News sites carrying this article, there were many readers who did have the right suggestion that was never once considered by the researchers. Many suggested, 'why don't they consider more global Geothermal activity for warming the surface of the Earth ?' and that my friends is a "Bingo" as they say. I have argued this for the past couple of decades in times past and the usual intellectuals driven by the usual mandated scientific dogma would shout it down.

But let's consider. How would such Geothermal activity contribute to a warm yet comfortably mild climate on the planet ? Easy illustration. Let's illustrate it this way. Imagine the inside of your house as the Earth. The floor is the ground and the walls and roof are the uniquely constructed Atmospheric Ozone layer which is well constructed with just the right materials for preventing heating loss in winter and preventing overheated temperatures in the summer. The under floor copper tubing (or other conduit) with warm water running through it represents an elaborate geothermal conduit network inside the Earth. If you've ever experienced an under floor heating set up then you know it is the most superior of all the heating technologies. Even in the Antarctic/Arctic polar regions just such a well built house would be no problem for heating. Another important componant for this house is a humidifier. Add just the correct amount of humidity and you have the perfect comfortable environment. This was attested to by those arctic researchers on Axel Heiberg Island who comfirmed this humidity requirement through Oxygen Isotope studies on real mummified fossil wood. Unfortunately none of the researchers consider this option.

Image animation by Auriel Laki

Detailed Animation of a Isometric Geothermal
Heat Pump Under Floor Heating

Then further questions just keep coming up more and more. What are the mechanics of just how such a system worked and how can we learn from this ? What practical applications for newer greener eco trchnological innovation can we obtain by looking down this possible explanations road ? Yes indeed.

Recently we have had many severe Earthquakes and they are on the rise. Much of this has to do with deforestation which I'll give more details about the reasons for this later. Many of these Earthquakes have been around the 9.0 mark on the Richter Scale. Interestingly, it should be noted after the Indonesian Sunami event, the Chile and Japanese earthquakes, scientists came out publically and published to the world that these events were powerful enough to have changed Earth's timing. They insisted this happened and offered their calculations as proof.  Not only kool, but also interesting!

Well, if a massive global extinction event occured way back whenever, would not such an entirely complete catastrophic global world shaking event have been powerful enough to change Earth's timing radically on it's axis ? Clearly the tilt of Earth's Axis was different way back then than we have it today. The settings apparently are so finely tuned that a few degrees shift one way or another could have big impacts on just how the weather/climate machinery actually runs. Okay, again I'm not an expert, but I'm not a dummy either. Let's offer another illustration that many here reading may again be able to relate to. Take a look at this automobile's distributor. 

Image - Desai Auto

I know a great many looking at this will know what it is and what it's important primary function is to the smooth running of an automobile. It allows your finely tuned car to run and purr like a kitten if it is set properly. It's basic rotational function is to perfectly time all the electrical spark to be in tune & timing of the sparkplugs and fuel/air mixtureintake to fire precisely on time to allow your Automobile's engine to run as effeciently and perfectly as possible and deliver that economical and comfortable drive. I use to have an old 1966 Dodge Bell Telephone Van - dull olive green. I know many know what I'm refering to. It had a dodge Slant 6 engine. Extremely easy to work on. My Van had an over heating problem when I first purchased it from a friend. The problem was the timing setting of the distributor. Most mechanics will know that if the timing is a little retarded, the vehicle will run rough and shake violently if retarde too far if it runs at all. If the timing is advanced any the opposite direction, it will seem to run okay, but with far little power than if it was set just right and runs warmer than normal and will even overheat when driving up hills or grades.

Somehow the Earth's timing on it's Axis must have been radically disrupted which changed the entire global climatic mechanism situation almost the instant that catastrophic event (however one chooses to argue it) happened. Nothing was the same after that event. Clearly such a global volcanism event originated from deep within the Earth would have radically disrupted the plumbing of the Earth from it's interior plumbing deep inside the mantle to the very surface of the earth. All venting systems and volcanic conduits would have been destroyed.  There is no question that whatever well finely tuned mechanism that allowed the climate to be completely mild thoroughly around the globe which allowed for the greatest biodiversity ever known was forever changed at that point of extinction event. Now one wonders, can we by our own ability and proper knowledge of the way things really work ever bring the Earth back to that original Paradiaics state again ? 

That's a very good question. Yet the answers to that and other questions have nothing to do with better eco inventions and innovative green concepts. People need to change for the better first in order to save what's left of earth. Otherwise you are only wanting a fix it pill approach. 
Continued on next future post.

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