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What is this thing called "Primary Water" ?

Keeping along this same theme with deep water cycle of the Earth's, we have a terminology called  'Primary Water' , there are a number of references  to the deep inner workings of the physical geology of the Earth mentioned in the Bible which are cross references to what has already been quoted.Take the Biblical book of Job.  The chapters in Job 38 thru 41 reveal how it is almost impossible for humans to really discover just how the origins of things in the natural world all came about. Yet it allows Humans to try to wonder, research and discover as this is an important part of our nature. As time pants on Scientists and other researchers have discovered clues as to possible mechanisms of the machinery which make up the Earth. 

Let's take one interesting clue in Job 38:16 ( NW Translation )

16  "Have you come to the sources of the sea, Or in search of the watery deep have you walked about?"

Other translations read this way:

Job 38:16 ( Amplified Bible )

16  "Have you explored the springs of the sea? Or have you walked in the recesses of the deep?"

Job 38:16 ( Common English Version )

16 "Have you gone to the sea’s sources, or walked in the chamber of the deep?"

Job 38:16 ( God's Word Translation )

16 "Have you gone to the springs in the sea, or walked through the valleys of the ocean depths?"

Okay, take a trip over to the website and you can make further literary comparisions. But we get the idea. The entire chapter brings up natural world scientific phenomena and established workings of the natural world and Job is asked the question by Almighty God if he can explain these origins and their functions to God by way of reply. Of course the answer is no. However, as far as today, are there any furture findings or revelations that would satisfy modern man's thirst for knowledge with practical applications as it's goal ? Indeed there has been, but just how much of it illustrates what was meant even by this above quoted scripture is really up for discussion still. But let's see what human's have thus far found out about the ocean floors and the sources for all water.

Science has shown us pictures and animated illustrations to help us understand that they have indeed discovered and revealed that there are certainly 10s of thousands of hydrothermal springs venting further down from the depths of the Earth's crust from somewhere. Clearly water is somehow recycled and renewed though we may not totally understand the why and the how. This modern day knowledge and discovery  is clearly something that even the simple man Job would have been incapable of fathoming, let alone given the almighty an answer. Hence he kept his mouth shut. This also brings up more questions of does the inner Earth contain more than 5 times the volume of water than all of that on the surface as recent scientific discoveries have reveal ? How does water not boil and explode like a stove top pressure cooker ? What experiments have been done to verify any of this?

I gave reference to this paper earlier of a Research team at the University of Bonn , Germany about the inner Earth's amazing ability to unlock trapped hydrogen and oxygen molecules and form them into water which is then pushed up through the Earth's crust to the surface. So here it is again with the subject of 'Primary Water' by a research drilling firm that drills deep in the Earth looking for what is otherwise known as "Fossil Water" 
Life-giving rocks from a depth of 250 km - Minerals act as oxygen reservoirs, stopping the earth from becoming a barren planet 

Another drilling company and individual interested in the search for this type of deep interior water is Bill Cox and his website about his company based in Lake Elsinore, California. The site itself is called
Another controversial subject terminology that not all scientists/Geologists agree on are the topic of what are called a 'Mantle Plume', which is said to be an upwards towards the crust plaume of hotter than surrounding mantle material around it. Areas on this planet Earth that are said to be directly under 'Mantle Plumes' places like Iceland, Hawaii and Yellowstone for example.

Very few volcanic vents are believed or said to be directly tapped into the mantle through a direct conuit. Most openings from the mantle to surface are zig-zagged and have several horis´zonal layers and pockets as opposed to the idea of a direct striaght verticle conduit chamber. This would even make sense if the Earth at one time had a general network of geothermal hydrological plumbing honeycombed throughout the Earth's Crustal interior. Take a look at the plumb animation. 

Take a look at the lower animation. This simply shows a piece of the very extensive system of teconic plate system to be found on the ocean floors around the globe. This particular one is known as the Mid-Alantic Ridge. In areas like this it is common to have thousands of those underwater hydrothermal vents spewing millions of gallons of super heated mineral enriched water coming from deep in the Earth. Of course we've all seen pictures and animations of these springs.

What would have happened in an ancient hydrological cycle if such tectonic plates were somehow split open like a zipper and their more than quadruple amounts of vast waters were released all at once from "  . . . springs of the vast watery deep" ? From the standpoint of an enormous infusion of waters into the oceans and seas everywhere on the planet, then surely giant Mega-Tsunamis would have overwhelmed entire continents scouring of the surface instantly without warning all life and burrying it in an instant only to be subducted itself, uplifted later in any amount of twisted torn material compressed into various fossil rock materials we have across the globe. Again, I can't dogmatically say for sure on anything here, as it also is mere specualtions, but it is something to ponder. 

Still, more and more research is going into the appearance and manufacture of  what has been termed 'Primary Water' by many of Earth's researchers and explorers. There is also a modern day physical phenomena which would illustrates the entire springs network being broken open at once. It's illustrated by the El Hierro volcano of the Canary Islands chain in the Atlantic as seen here in this underwarer volcanic springs coming to the surface.

Take a close look at this kool video:

Now imagine all of the springs broken open along all the tectonic plates and I mean no matter how you want to debate the Asteroid, Comet, Meteor or Almighty God theory of how it was triggered. It explains much easier how and where those Tsunamis came from and how we arrived at many of the fossil finds we have today, even the numerous mummified Mammoths which were found, autopsied only to find what kind them was silt in the lungs which reveal sudden drowning. Take a further look at the instant deaths of many of the complete skeletons of dinosaurs and what they reveal. Of course this will always remain controversial as differet ideologies, philosophies and political worldviews continue to divide, Still these findings are interesting to ponder.
Watery Secret of the Dinosaur Death Pose

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