Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Asteroid Extinction Event Receives Another Blow

Credit: Photograph courtesy of Claudio Latorre

High levels of iridium found in black mats seen at Rio Salado in Chile's Atacama Desert suggested a cosmic origin. But new tests by Jeff Pigati (shown here above) and colleagues show these iridium mats occurred at various times and are instead likely the result of inherent processes that occurred in desert wetlands.

 Mysterious Black Mats on Earth Not From Outer Space

Remember the Iridium Anomalies which were said to be the defining proof of cosmic (asteroid, Meteor, Comet - whatever) origins for the massive Hollywood-styled exciting extinction event ? Apparently some are rethinking some things about the origin and sources of iridium. But this is new and you can count on old school convention ideological thinking holding out on this while demonizing the scientists who have the gonads to think outside of the official mandated biased explanations box.  

Accumulation of impact markers in desert wetlands and implications for the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis

 The info actually goes along with some other interesting articles dealing with other unexplained volcanism which exhibited some of the strange similar phenomena.

Ancient Massive Volcanic Eruption Still Mystifies
Article Quote:
'Their findings suggest there is no support for a meteor impact as the cause of the Greater Ontong Java Event.'
"The results so far indicate that this event was brought about by internal processes inside the Earth," researcher Marissa Tejada at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology told LiveScience. Earth has seen many eruptions that are apparently caused solely by internal activity.'
 Other Titles created for imagined past events: 'Anoxic event'
Dinosaur Killer May Have Been Volcanism: Not Asteroid
"There is essentially no extinction associated with the impact," Keller said. 

"Deccan volcanism is the likely culprit behind the K-T mass extinction," Keller added, saying that she thinks the biological effects of that volcanism have been underestimated, while those of the crater impact have been overestimated. 

Like most of these, it is explained that these catastrophic events happened primarily in deep oceans of the world, were volcanics in nature and caused an uphieval of deep waters low in dissolved oxygen which caused extinction deaths of many sea life. Interesting!  The term 'Anoxia' means a total decrease in the level of oxygen, an extreme form of hypoxia or "low oxygen".

 Now lets go further to Earth's Internal Processes

Earth's Surface 'Recycled' Surprisingly Quicker than Thought

Credit: Sobolev, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
"These are olivine crystals from Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii, with a width of less than 1 mm. The brown ovals are solidified, glassy inclusions trapped as droplets of melt by the growing olivine crystal. They contain strontium isotope ratios which are inherited from 500-million-year-old seawater."
Double Trouble What Really Killed the Dinosaurs ?

Credit: Nicolle Rager, National Science Foundation

Temperatures in 
Antarctica were much
 warmer 70 million years ago

Credit: Gerta Keller, NSF
"New research argues that volcanic activity from the Deccan Traps in India, not a meteorite impact, killed the dinosaurs."
I'll add more as time moves forwards, but these are some more of the latest interesting discoveries.

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