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Cooked Rhinos, Dinosaurs killed By Volcanic Lahars, What's Going On ?

(Reconstruction by Maëva J. Orliac)
Genesis 7:11 (New International Version) 
"In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, 'AND' the floodgates of the heavens were opened."
Latest News Today December 2012:
Yahoo News: Volcanoes, Not Meteorite, Killed Dinosaurs, Scientist Argues
How fascinating that the latest evidence suggests that volcanism was the most likely cause of a vast extinction of an ancient world. What an incredible admission as more and more evidence suggests that the more popular Meteorite Fable, which was always driven by ideological mandates anyway, has just had the wind taken out of it's sail. This is sad really, because actually both sides of the debate miss out on the very interesting facts of mechanisms used for this extinction of life on Earth. Clearly, a complete global volcanism event would have triggered freakish unnatural storms in the very humid ancient atmosphere. Take a look at what Volcanoes accomplish when they spew their contents into the air, even today.

Volcano Lightning at Chile's 
Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Volcano

More Volcanic Storm Lightning Studied in Iceland

Volcanic Lightning over Puyehue Volcano
500 miles South of Santiago, Chile

More Spectacular Lightning in Iceland

Burn those very kool images into your brain there, Boys & Girls, and imagine a worldwide shake up of complete global tectonic plate portions which would trigger freakish storms Earth wide. Nothing would have had a chance for survival. Clearly in almost every case of fossil finds, many of these have specific chemical properties of Sulfur, Iridium, Volcanic Ash and other anomalies associated with volcanism. This recent study release is not the first time such hypothesis have been proposed. Such reporting has been released in  (2003) , (2005) , (2007) , (2008) , (2010) ,  (2011)  and so there is definitely no shortage of studies and reports all through this past decade. It also does prove that Scientists are not all on the same page with this one. The best the average person can do is take everything with a grain of Salt, so to speak. Listen, despite of what many a average person believes and what many in the Sci-Fi world want you to believe about them, Scientists and other researchers are just as prone to flaws and imperfection shackled to personal bias and prejudice just like any other human being. There are however some very interesting quotes out there over this controversy which lend support for the two major important Biblical statements of Flood mechanisms. Here are some quotes from what I would consider one of the most open minded reports written on the subject of ancient world extinction event which accesses both "Intrinsic" & "Extrinsic" Catastrohpists. This is from the University of Berkeley California. Site:
 U.C. Berkeley: What Killed the Dinosaurs: Extinction Theories
Volcanism: We are quite certain that the end of the Cretaceous period that there was increased volcanic activity. Over a period of several million years, this increased volcanism could have created enough dust and soot to block out sunlight; producing the climatic change. In India during the Late Cretaceous, huge volcanic eruptions were spewing forth floods of lava which can be seen today at the K-T boundary (these ruptures in the Earth's surface are called the Deccan traps). The chemical composition of the lava rocks in India shows that they originated in the Earth's mantle, which is also relatively rich in iridium. This richness would explain the iridium layer. Plate Tectonics: Major changes in the organization of the continental plates (continental drift) were occurring at the K-T boundary. The oceans (especially the Interior Seaway in North America) were experiencing a regression; they were receding from the land. A less mild climate would have been the result, and this would have taken a long time. Large scale tectonic events did occur in the Mesozoic several times, and no extinction events have been conclusively associated with them yet. 

Below is partially quoted a great conclusion and honest take on both theories and I happen to agree ultimately with their conclusions as to actual mechanism. We just don't know the facts and specifics for sure.
"There has been no settlement to the issue so far, and no clear one is foreseeable. Both sides claim to hold the majority of proponents in science; it seems that (greatly over-generalizing) many paleontologists lean towards the intrinsic side, while many astronomers and physicists favor the extrinsic side, and geologists are probably evenly split between the two."
"Ultimately, we just don't know yet for sure. There is much work to be done, and much value to this work — understanding the K-T extinction would help us to understand mass extinctions in general, and might provide a glimpse into the fleeting, evanescent nature of our own mortality."
Here are some very important quotes from University of Princeton Paleontologist Gerta Keller and collaborator Thierrey Adatte from University of Neuchatel Switzerland. The link is here:
The Deccan Traps, a "volcanic flood," was about one mile deep and covered an area half the size of Australia. According to paleontologist Dewey McLean (personal             communication), a good portion of the Deccan Traps was  submarine. Wouldn’t it make sense that thousands of cubic miles - cubic miles! - of lava pouring into the seas  at 2,150 degrees hot might heat the seas just a tad? (Ocean temperatures at the dinosaur extinction rose by 14E to 22EF.) The increased evaporation would have sent excess moisture rose into the skies, skies which had already cooled because of the ash from the above-water eruptions. This lead to massive increases in snowfall, and to an ice age. That's one of the main points of  "Not by Fire but by Ice."
And yet another interesting example of volcanism and animals being found fossilized in ancient volcanic ash. 

Credit: OU/Jack Matthews

"Fossilized rangeomorphs from the 565-million-year-old layer within the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland. The site is located on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula in the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, home of the Cape Race Lighthouse that received the Titanic's wireless distress signals after it struck an iceberg a century ago."
Live Science: Earliest Baby Animals Preserved in Ancient Volcanic Ash
The bottom line here is that there were two major components of critical importance and presented in order of importance with regard the global extinction report as recorded in the Biblical record. It's doesn't give detailed by detailed mechanical steps. These were not necessary as the reasons for the event were of far more importance.  Each human on Earth has the ability to study and research these for themselves for satisfying answers or not. As a conclusion to the event, here is what the record once again points to as mechanisms in order of first importance. 
Genesis 8:1 (New Living Translation)
2 "The underground waters stopped flowing, and the torrential rains from the sky were stopped."
This description lines up logically and reminds of the once existing water cycling mechanisms which no longer exist today as recorded at Genesis 2: 5-6 & 10-14 which speaks of a minerotrophic hydrological cycle which once existed on the early Earth. What all the details are of this kind of cycling we can only speculate and assume. Ultimately there will always be more to learn as time moves forward. Recently as reported a couple of weeks ago, Rhino fossils were found and evidence that these animals had been cooked alive in a Volcanic Lahar and buried under tons of ash and debris.
  Live Science: Rhino 'Cooked to Death' 9 Million Years Ago, Fossil Reveals
And a few days ago I wrote about the Volcanism which may have been carved the Grand Canyon as evidenced by Colorado Plateau sediments and fossils associated with volcanic ash piled up 100s of miles away in San Diego County. As always, take everything with a grain of Salt here in what I also write. It's all very interesting and no doubt more will be revealed as time pants on to the end and where there is no excuse.

That Giant Grand Hole Cutting Across Northern Arizona is Sparking Debate Again!

But again, who really knows for sure ?

As an interesting side note: Did you know
the Chinese word/character for ship as 
referenced in the image below as eight people
in a boat ?

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