Large Scale Global Geological Terracing Anomalies

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American Camp's Mt. Finlayson's glacial terraces are illustrative of more than 18,000 years of geologic history. Each step indicates the ancient seashore as, via glacial (or isostatic) rebound, the island rose as the mile-high glacier melted. - Geology

Terrace, Oregon

Depositional Landform Pictures

Terraces are flat or gently sloping constructions made of sediment. This terrace marks an ancient lake shore.

This beach terrace marks an ancient shoreline of Summer Lake in south-central Oregon, the Oregon Outback. During the ice ages, lakes occupied most of the wide, flat valleys in the Basin and Range province of the American west. Today those basins are mostly dry, many of them desolate playas. But when the lakes existed, sediment from the land settled along the shorelines and created long, level beach terraces. Often several paleo-shoreline terraces appear on the basin's flanks, each one marking a former shoreline, or strandline. Also, sometimes the terraces are distorted, yielding information about tectonic movements since the time they formed. 


Fabled Lake Missoula terraced anomalie in Montana 

Wave Cut Terraces

The terraces on the side of this hill were cut by waves on ancient Lake Missoula during the Pleistocene ice age. The old shorelines show up as the dark horizontal bands most prominent on the top third of the hill on the left side of the photo. The lake drained in a catastrophic flood when the water broke through the glacial ice that formed its dam.
The problem here is if the so-called Ice Dam broke open suddenly, this terracing would not be present as an historial indicator of a large body of water being present. Surely there was water, but it drained slowly. Hence the gradual lowering of shoreline and wave action in crving the terrace levels.

Lake Missoula / Scablands / Columbia Flood Basalt


Lake Shorelines near Cama Central Valley

Ancient Lake Shoreline in Death Valley California

Ancient Shorelines of Lake Bonneville

Ancient Lake Mannix somewhere in the Mojave Desert

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